• Heineken
  • Multi Bintang Indonesia
  • Indonesia
  • Consumer research
  • Brand identity refresh
  • Primary packaging design
  • Secondary packaging design

Brief in brief

First introduced in Indonesia as a Shandy (pale beer & lime, <1% ABV) Green Sands was repositioned in 2001 as a soft drink that provides instant freshness, however three years later the brand was still perceived as alcoholic. Revamp the brand identity to appeal to a younger target group of non-alcohol drinkers.

What we did

To better understand what consumers value about Green Sands Why? Brand Design partnered with the Indonesia team to conduct consumer workshops to identify the brands sweet spot; the interconnection between consumers, brand value and soft drink category. From this, ‘flavour fusion’ was pinpointed as the best proposition.

The outcome

A brand mark, primary and secondary packaging which bursts with flavour fusion appealing to younger consumers. This fresh design allows the brand to maintain its well established awareness in a distinctive way while entering a new category.

Green Sands slider image 2
Green Sands slider image 3
Green Sands slider image 4